Camouflage Experiment 2

Instructions for Experiment 2: Tracing the outline of the Camouflaged Object

1. In this demo, press the blue "Start" icon to start the experiment.

2. You will see two successive visual images separated by a random-dot mask.

3. The two visual images are composed of multiple digital embryos. The two scenes may or may not have one digital embryo in common. When they do, the single digital embryo that will be common to the two scenes will be in the foreground, and "in plain sight". That is, this common digital embryo (if present) will be in front of all other digital embryos in the scene, but will be camouflaged against them. Your task is to decide is the two scenes have such a common foreground object.

4. The two images share a common digital embryo, outline that embryo by mouse on the second image.  You can take as much time as you want.  You will not get any feedback about what the correct outline is.  The reason for this is that the goal of this particular experiment is not to test individual viewers, but instead to create (in the future) a database of the responses from a large number of viewers.

5. To start the next trial, press the space bar on your keyboard.